Response #2

Topic:  Podcasts and Vlogs!

Have you ever heard of a Podcast?  I bet you haven’t heard of a Vlog!   Well, to be honest, I’ve been watching podcasts for some time now, but just didn’t know their exact name.  As far as a Vlog, I had no idea what one was before this class.  A Vlog is defined simply as a blog, in video format.  Vlogs come in many varieties –  recorded blogs, live vlogs, how-to vlogs, tips vlogs, trend vlogs, just to name a few.  .. 

My favorite concept is the “how-to” vlog.  Apparently, how-to vlogs are gaining in popularity.  The linked article shows the top “how-to” searches (a year ago) was 1) how to tie a tie, and 3) how to have sex (?!).  Interesting. 

Contrary to a vlog, a podcast is the audio version of a blog and vlog.  A certain podcast website offers an array of podcasts available for use – from information on the latest national or world news, music, politics, science, sexuality, and travel, to name a few.   

As I like to do with my class (and blogs), I like to relate the subject matter to big business – since that’s what I’m involved in.  I did a random search of how many companies use vlogs or podcasts to advertise their product or highlight their company.  Alas, I did not have much luck – as far as automotive business is concerned.  I found a great deal on Apple, Dell, and the like for obvious reasons.  On the above website, most of the business podcasts are very interesting as they deal with specific business topics.  In one podcast, titled “PR vs. Marketing”, it describes the differences between PR and Marketing – a concept fairly often confused by an average person. 

The more fun and interesting podcasts can be found on iTunes, which is extremely easy to navigate.  Go ahead and try it…you will have fun!


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