Response #3

Topic:  Oodles of Google! 

My post topic this week is “Should We be Afraid of Google?”  You know, the pretty and colorful word plastered across the screen that we type search queries into?  The word that changes with every holiday – well, only the holidays designated by our friends at Google.  Why would we be afraid of such a thing?  Because, according to Chris Thompson,  the website accounts for 60% of all online searches conducted in the US?  Or maybe, according to Thompson, Google doesn’t like America because they only change their doodle for certain holidays – and not those of Memorial Day.  Isn’t Memorial Day a day to remember those in our military who have given their lives for our country – and possibly not a holiday to “change the doodle” for?   And, if I remember correctly, the doodle was changed for the recent holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving

Well, first off, Google is the fastest-growing internet search engine in modern time, and offers more services than just searching.  Some debate whether Google has practiced unfair tactics in its quest to the top.   Those issues, along with privacy issues (you can trace a phone number to an exact street address on Google), that apparently cause uproar among the public.  Or, is it simply the enormouse success the company has enjoyed since its inception?

Google offers an array of very neat services in addition to the link above.  GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps are two of my very favorites – and are technologies that are very advanced and we have never enjoyed – until now.  In the book, The Search by John Battelle, it uses an example of a man who goes through a very messy and public divorce, and he subsequently ‘googles’ himself.  The man did not like what he saw – a very public list of his divorce.  He then sued Google and Yahoo for posting such information. 

I hate to say it – but this is technology, boys and girls.  If you don’t want something about yourself on a Google search or Facebook – keep your nose clean.  That and get a cell phone – as of now, those don’t come up on Google.


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