Response Post #11 – “The Iraq War”

Iraq War Images

Iraq War Images

Wow, is all I have to say of the things I discovered as I researched digitally  the The Iraq War, part of the broader War on Terror.  It’s the first war of its kind – the first war since the inception of Web 2.0.  And, the blogs, podcasts, articles, etc. on the web is quite astonishing.

I have to admit that I have not been a good Web 2.0 user during the war as I rarely have used these mediums to get my news.  I find it fascinating how Swarthmore College has created a way to truly offer un-biased news reporting on the war and the affects on troops and Iraqi citizens.

It’s funny how on the networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC, you don’t hear the statistics of an “all-time high optimism of Iraqis,” where “80% of them are positive about the state of the country, up from 50% in 2007,” or “those who think democracy is the right way is at its highest percent ever, and those people feel more and more safe in their neighborhoods.”  Very interesting indeed how transparent this war has become. 

The transparency transcends from blogs, to pictures, to documentaries, to videos, all offering viewers an inside look at the front line of our war – something never done before.  It ignites many feelings I’d imagine – but for me, a growing sense of patriotism.  While I may not fully agree with the primary intent of our going to war, the fact remains that we have American brothers and sisters in the Middle East, fighting for our freedom, our democracy.  Any bit of good news that our soldiers are accomplishing – should be published.  Everyone knows, the mainstream media will not report it.

Conversely, if we have soldiers who are not carrying out the American constitution and providing goodwill toward others, that should be documented, also.  As evidenced by Kevin Sites’ videotape of a Marine allegedly shooting an unarmed Iraqi, the footage stirred a lot of outrage and questions as to whether there is too much transparency with the war.  As far as I’m concerned, NO.  Unless our national security, or the security of our soldiers is in question, I say share it!  It ensures justice and (hopefully) bolsters the truth…


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