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Response Post #12 – 2012 Election

Posted in Social Media Course with tags , , on April 20, 2009 by Dave T


I cannot believe I’m blogging about 2012 already…but I’m sure it will be here before we know it!  I will refrain from asserting my political views in this blog, but rather discuss what, in my opinion, will be needed (digitally) to win the race.  With that said, I will mention that the picture above is NO indication of who I would potentially be lobbying to win…I simply thought it was comical given last election’s antics.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Barack Obama’s playbook for social media during the 2008 campaign was historical, and nothing short of amazing.  Nevermind the arsenal of a 13M member email list that Obama’s campaign possessed, but his campaign website traffic doubled the size of McCain’s, quadrupled the number of YouTube viewers, had 5x the amount of Facebook friends, and had 10x the number of online staff than John McCain. 

However, in 2012, things will no doubt be different for Obama – and his chief opponents.  Obama, having 3 and some change years of the Presidency under his belt, will have a record of performance to bolster during the 2012 Campaign.  Given his extensive knowledge of digital media and social media, he will no doubt have an increased arsenal of tech-savvy allies – similar to those during his presidential bid – willing to launch his re-election digital campaign.  If he finds success during his first four years, he should have no problem attracting the creme of the crop to his camp.

His opponent, however, will have a steep hill to climb.  Obama did not stop after the campaign was over.  Obama launched his site as well as a re-vamped White House blog to hold true to his campaign promise of transparency.  His original campaign team, led by David Plouffe, continued their email barrage to his constituents to keep them abreast of his Presidency.  Obama’s opponent will have to come up with more cutting edge tactics digitally to combat Obama’s already-seismic technology shift in politics. 

Not only will Obama and his opponent need to scour the digital world for the most up-to-date and “chic” tech services available in 2011, but they will also have to capitalize on the tools Obama used in his first campaign – email, blogs, podcasts, Facebook, mySpace, etc.  They will undoubtedly have to capitalize on that – with the likes of Twitter, Delicious, Digg, etc. and the newest technology at that time.  I hate to say it, the aforementioned services may possibly be out-dated by 2011. 

Whatever the case may be, the digitally historic campaign of 2008 will surely pale in comparison to that of the 2012 Campaign.  This is a given since Obama undoubtedly won his Presidency based on his tech-savvy team.


Extra Post #2 – Obama Overload?

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama

If you GoogleObama Overload,” you will come up with over 957,000 links.  Wow….are that many people tired of hearing from our Commander-in-Chief?  I will reiterate – “tired of hearing from our Commander-in-Chief.”  Let me get on the soapbox for a minute and remind everyone that not more than 6 months ago, everyone was complaining our former president was too quiet.  Let me also remind everyone, that regardless of your political affiliation, this country – our country – is in the midst of a war against people who want to do our country harm, and is in the middle of the worst financial crisis in decades.  So, yes, as far as I’m concerned, I do want to hear from my president. 

From websites, to Twitter, to Facebook, to news conferences, to email, Obama has been seen in every technology medium in his first 100 days as President.  Not surprising, since after launching the most technologically-savvy presidential campaign in history, it is widely believed that the technology and social networking skills of the new president and his staff played a large part in his capturing the presidency.  Obama had an ornate ability of collecting millions from his supporters, as well as keeping those supports abreast of the most recent events of his campaign. 

Still, after becoming President, technology still prevails with our 44th Commander-in-Chief.  President Obama launched the first-ever Whitehouse Blog, in an attempt to keep the momentum alive with his campaign promises of transparency.  The Obama Administration also launched “Your Seat at the Table” website, in an effort to solicit constituent feedback and publish all documents from meetings with outside organizations.  Some may argue that he’s too transparent, with his comments “I inhaled frequently.  That was the point.”  Very interesting if I remember correctly, a few other of Obama’s predecessors didn’t quite offer this type of “transparency” and was criticized for that, too, one of which led us to a war.  Which do you want, America?  In my opinion, I like the Obama definition of transparency…

As I eluded to in my blog on the 2012 Election, Obama’s emergence as a “tech-y” within the political landscape will certainly bode well for him in the next election – that is, if his sky-high approval ratings remain.  He will undoubtedly remain transparent digitally throughout his administration, and will utilize these efficiencies into the 2012’s, giving him a leg-up on his opponent(s).  I expect to see the same amount, if not more, of our President…and will be enjoying every minute of it!